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Pillow That Prevents 'Dead Arm' When Cuddling - Great Gift Idea

June 6, 2019

Big news in the cuddle game, folks!  There are two types of people in this world.  Big spoons and little spoons.  I’m a big spoon myself, but this lifestyle has one major drawback.  Twenty minutes into snuggling and you contract a horrendous case of “dead arm.”  This is an especially sticky situation to be in if little spoon falls asleep.  Gotta get that arm back without waking up the ol’ ball and chain.  Been there before?  We all have.  Check this out…

There’s a new pillow called the “Coodle.”  It’s foam-based and shaped like an arch so you can slide your arm in and out from under your partner’s slumbering head whenever ya start feeling the tingles kick in.  Problem solved, people!  The item is currently available on Amazon for $49.

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