Michael Buckner / Staff - GettyImages

A Casual Flute-Playing Andre 3000 Has Been Spotted All Around The Country

July 17, 2019

Andre 3000 is slowly becoming the Bill Murray of hip hop.  Bill Murray encounters in the wild are the stuff legends are made of.  There’s even a documentary about the times unexpected fans have crossed paths with the Ghostbusters star, i.e. photo bombing a couples’ wedding photos and crashing a college frat party just to do the dishes. 

Now, I don’t know that we’ll find 3 Stacks at random keggers anytime soon but he’s been popping up all over with something odd in tow.  Most of these encounters have been of him, casually strolling by playing a flute.  You read that right.  A FLUTE.  Dre and his woodwind buddy have yet to be spotted in Seattle but they’ve already made their mark in Los Angeles, Philly and New York.  What a weird, wonderful fella.  Never change, Andre!