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Busta Rhymes's New Album Will Be Great And This Is Why [PHOTO]

Somebody called the doctor!

February 14, 2019

Hip hop artists have always had a hard time remaining relevant over a long period of time.  Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem are three who immediately come to mind that have.  Busta Rhymes has as well.  Maybe not recently but when you consider he became a household name in hip hop circles all the way back in 1992 (on A Tribe Called Quest’s Scenario) it’s hard to argue his ability to adapt with the times.  Does he still got it? 

His last album came out in 2012 (Year of the Dragon) and was outrageously forgettable.  Before that, he dropped Back on My B.S. in 2009.  It had plenty of heat (Arab Money, Respect My Conglomerate come to mind) but still wasn’t quite on par with his last GREAT album (in my opinion), 2006’s The Big Bang (Touch It, I Love My B****, New York S***, In the Ghetto, Get Down). 

A key ingredient to The Big Bang’s success is that it was produced by Dr. Dre.  I’m guessing Bus would agree that TBB was his last fire album considering the Instagram post below.  Not only is his new project complete, Dre had a hand in cooking it up.  Busta KNEW if he was going to make an Eminem/Kamikaze kind of comeback, D-R-E was the guy to help him make it happen.  He didn’t drop any release details yet but color me excited.

Oh shit!!!-------- Back in the Kitchen wit the good @drdre Adding the finishing touches. -------------- Reflection captured by @focus3dots

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