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Beyoncé And Rihanna Both Rock Floral Headpieces On September Vogue Covers

Who wore it better?

August 7, 2018

September is a big month.  First of all, it’s my birthday month.  Second of all, and way more importantly to everyone not named Tanch, two of the biggest goddesses in the music world landed the cover of Vogue Magazine. 

Beyoncé is gracing the cover of the mag being sold right here in the good old U.S. of A while Rihanna’s mug will be on newsstands across the pond on British Vogue.  I’m not sure if it was intentional but it turns out we have a “who wore it better” situation as both ladies are rockin’ similar looks.

Flowers look good in a vase on your kitchen counter, but they look even better on Beyoncé and Rihanna’s heads, don’t you think?  I’m guessing if you combined the two shots, we’re looking at about 75 pounds worth of flowers.  Can’t wait until I start seeing women shopping in QFC with bouquets on their heads.