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Are Beyoncé And Kelly Rowland Teasing New Music Together?

Get your detective hat on!

October 16, 2018

Are two of Destiny’s Children reuniting to drop new music?  Beyoncé has been a master at keeping us on our toes over the years.  After all, she was the one who set the trend of surprise albums and all that.  The latest mystery involves an Instagram page.

The page in question is called “Rose IV You.”  As of this writing there are only 2 posts.  One is a video.  The voices sound a LOT like Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland doing a bit of harmonizing.  The giggle at the end is without question Bey.  The other post is a black background with what could be either letters or roman numerals.  If the latter, it would be 1.4.  January 4th is a Friday.  Albums tend to drop on Fridays.  Is it a joint album?  Straight Bey solo project?  So much to speculate on.  Guess we’ll see!