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Aaliyah's M.A.C Collection Drops This Summer

Get Ready To Step Your 90's Glam Game Up!

April 3, 2018

The 90’s were filled with great sitcoms, toys, movies, music and some of the most repulsive fashion trends in history.  Slap bracelets, backwards clothing, and jumpsuits brighter than the sun.  Yeah.  It was pretty much the worst. 

There’s one famous face from the 90’s who had it all figured out, though.  One icon that made anything and everything look dope as hell.


Her beauty is timeless.  With that being said it’s no surprise that ladies are still trying to duplicate her look in 2018.  M.A.C Cosmetics is capitalizing on this by releasing an Aaliyah-inspired line this summer.

M.A.C made the big announcement on IG yesterday (April 2nd):

“Inspired by your loyalty and love, the 90s-glam #AaliyahForMAC collection launches on on June 20th and in-stores in North America on June 21st!”

Will you be picking up the collection when it drops?  Let us know in the comments!