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The 2019 World Thumb Wrestling Championship Just Happened And It Was Awesome [VIDEO]

July 31, 2019

I’ve never been to England but I assume the Brits are a fun group.  I feel like they’re extremely dignified royals or a bunch of blokes out of a Guy Ritchie film guzzling pints at the pub with their mates.  No in-between.  What fascinates me most is their odd taste in athletics.

Soccer (football) may not be a top-3 sport here in the States but it’s the head honcho around the globe, including the UK.  Nothing strange about that - but what about that yearly event where people destroy themselves chasing a cheese wheel down a steep hill?  Ever seen a professional darts match in the UK?  More hype than a Jay Z concert.  This event I’m writing about has a message to those sports: “Hold my beer.”

The 2019 World Thumb Wrestling Championships recently took place in Suffolk, England and boy was it a doozey.  Don’t be fooled by that adorable little wrestling ring around their fingers.  This is a serious competition.  Where do I sign up for next year?  My training starts now. *Cue Rocky music*