11-Year-Old Wrote A Rap About His Bully - Mac Lethal Performs It

Kids Got It Tough These Days!

June 1, 2017



Bullying is brutal.  Always has been.  I remember DREADING the thought of getting on the bus every day in middle school because of a kid named Mike.  I would pray, every day, for him to be home sick so I didn't have to face him.  Fast forward a few years, we were both on the varsity football team and I, literally, knocked some sense into him during practice and we ended up becoming friends (he wasn't much of a bully any more, at that point).  

Even though I had a rough year or two, things worked out.  Hopefully things will work out between 11-year-old Isaac and his jerk of a bully who he used to call a friend.  Isaac wrote a rap about the pain his bully has caused him and asked his favorite YouTube rapper, Mac Lethal to perform it for him.  Mac did just that.  Powerful stuff.  Stop the bullying!