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Drake's Dad Releases A Song That's So Bad I'ts Good

So bad it’s good. It's not even close to being an insult. Some of our favorite things are so bad they're good - dad jokes, Adam West’s Batman, the Sharknado movies, Tom Green. You get the picture. This song and music video from (Drake’s dad) Dennis Graham sits directly under that “so bad it’s good... Read More

Kanye West Announces 'Jesus Is King' Album Release Date

It sounds like ‘Yandhi’ will NOT be Kanye’s next project. Instead, he’ll be dropping a spiritual album in the same vein as the Sunday Service shows he’s been conducting in California and other cities around the country. It seems like ‘Ye has really found his calling with Sunday Service so this... Read More

Kanye's Yeezy Foam Runners Are Getting Roasted Online [PIC]

I typically try to avoid passing judgement on someone based on what they wear. I’m a you-do-you kind of guy. Don’t like something? Don’t look at it. With that said, Kanye West is making it very difficult for me to bite my tongue. Pics of his new Yeezy Foam Runners dropped online last week and, boy... Read More

Watch 12 Year Old Kobe Bryant Dance To 'Ice Ice Baby'

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Kobe Bryant had slick moves on AND off the court. The proof is in this video he shared of his 12-year-old self performing a dance routine to Ice Ice Baby in his school’s talent show. Enjoy! P.S. He’s the one in the green hat Video of A 12 Year Old Kobe Bryant... Read More

Is Rihanna Playing Poison Ivy In The New Batman Movie?

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman movie hits theaters in 2021 and casting rumors are flying around the internet. There will reportedly be multiple villains in the flick. Some of the possible names that have been popping up are Catwoman, Riddler, Firefly, Mad Hatter, Posion Ivy and Penguin. Although it... Read More

Drunk Girl's Strange Subway Order Is Going Viral [PIC]

We’ve all been there. Belly full of booze and you need to put something in there to soak up the nectar. You don’t want to. You have to. It’s a matter of survival. Pizza is and always will be the ideal drunk munchie, in my opinion. It’s easy to eat and easy to order. This heavily-buzzed woman went... Read More

This Week's New Movie Trailers

Several new trailers dropped on this short work-week and there’s something for everyone. If you’re into action and comedy there’s ‘Bad Boys 3.’ We also have a heavy courtroom drama with big time star power, ‘Just Mercy.’ To wrap things up we have another new trailer for a female empowerment... Read More

Seahawks Gameday Poster Collectibles For Home Games

The Seahawks are introducing some cool collectibles this year. For each home game, they’ll release a new gameday poster that will include the date, opponent and an original design (local artists will be designing the posters). The first poster for the Bengals game is available now through the... Read More

Woman Breaks Record For Eating The Most Mayo

There’s a select group of foods that people love or absolutely hate without much middle ground. Foods like black licorice, cilantro, pineapple on pizza, Peeps, olives, oysters, candy corn, anchovies and blue cheese are all on the list. The item we’re talking about today is more of a condiment than... Read More

Cypress Hill Banned By SNL

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a Throwback Thursday video (my bad), but we’re back at it. Today we’re taking a trip to October 2nd of 1993. That was the day Cypress Hill became the first hip hop act to be banned from SNL. It wasn’t due to a political rant, which is why Kanye West was the... Read More