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Snoop Dogg's Crazy Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

Would you trust Snoop Dogg with the cooking on Thanksgiving Day? After reading this blog your answer will be a firm “hell yes” or “hell no.” There’s no in between here. First of all – did you even know Snoop could cook? I mean, I knew he was friends with Martha Stewart but just because you’re... Read More

A Prince Documentary Series Is Coming To Netflix

Netflix documentaries are LEGIT! Pretty sure they could release a doc about grass growing and it would be in contention for an Oscar. Perfect example: They have one coming out in a couple of weeks called “Dogs.” It’s about people with dogs. Thrilling, right?? Will it be awesome? Probably. Will I... Read More

'The Conners' Premiere Ratings Lower Than 'Roseanne'

If you turned on the TV or radio at some point over the past 2 weeks you probably saw or heard a promo for the Roseanne spinoff, The Conners. I’m pretty sure the commercial ran every 17 seconds. So with all that promotion the show probably broke ratings records, right? Nope. It did well. Extremely... Read More

Are Beyoncé And Kelly Rowland Teasing New Music Together?

Are two of Destiny’s Children reuniting to drop new music? Beyoncé has been a master at keeping us on our toes over the years. After all, she was the one who set the trend of surprise albums and all that. The latest mystery involves an Instagram page. The page in question is called “Rose IV You.”... Read More

Kanye West And His Dad Celebrated Beating Cancer By Eating Bugs

There's no chance Kanye West and I have anything in common, right? He’s from Chicago. I’m from New Jersey. He’s married to Kim Kardashian. I’m single and talk to my teddy bear. Turns out Ye and I, surprisingly, have at least TWO things in common. My father, along with Kanye’s pops (Ray) both beat... Read More

Two Headed Snake Found In Virginia

Imagine doing some leisurely yard work. Regular day. But then you see THIS vile creature. Legit nightmare fuel right here, my friend. That terrifying beast is a two-headed copperhead snake that some unfortunate folks found in their Woodbridge, VA yard. Bless their hearts for keeping it together... Read More

How To Watch Aretha Franklin's Funeral Live On Friday

The celebration of Aretha Franklin’s life and career continues as we approach Labor Day weekend. Aretha passed at age 76 surrounded by family on August 16th after a battling pancreatic cancer. The celebration of life is happening in both her home town of Detroit and in our living rooms. A special... Read More

Top 5 Concerts Coming To Seattle Area in Fall 2018

The summer concert season is pretty much a wrap but there are still a bunch of great shows to look forward to before we kiss 2018 goodbye. There’s something here for everyone – not just old school hip hop heads. After all, HOT 103-7 isn’t just your home for 100% throwbacks. HOT 103-7 is the RHYTHM... Read More

So So Def 25th Anniversary Tour Dates

Seattle wasn’t a scheduled stop for the Bad Boy Reunion Tour a couple of years ago and now its déjà vu with So So Def. Jermaine Dupri announced the anniversary tour earlier this week. It’s being dubbed “The So So Def 25th Anniversary Cultural Curren$y” tour. It only has 11 scheduled stops at the... Read More