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Beyonce Pregnant Again? The Internet Thinks So

Beyonce and Jay Z are busy touring the globe with their On the Run II tour and… making more babies? Fans and internet conspiracy lovers believe Bey dropped a subtle hint at their show in Rome that she’s pregnant with baby #4. The hint in question? Rubbing her belly. Seems like a stretch to me... Read More

Ashanti And Ja Rule Set To Work On Joint Album

Jay Z and Beyon- excuse me. “The Carters” dropped a surprise joint album that debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. Jay and Bey are a natural hip hop and r&b pairing built for success. They’re both on the Mount Rushmore of their respective genres. They’ve each sold about 38 billion records... Read More

My 10 Favorite Summertime Throwback Songs

It’s that time of year! Not cooking anything on the stove or in the oven because it’s already too hot in your place. Kicking the sweat drenched comforter off your moist body in the middle of the night. You know the deal. Summer is here! Isn’t it great?? For all of the unfortunate side effects of... Read More

How To Watch The Royal Wedding This Weekend

Well here we are. The Royal Wedding is on Saturday and you’re invited. Best part is? You don’t have to travel a million miles across the pond, drink tea every half hour or dress like Cinderella to attend THEE year’s biggest soirée and celebration of love. You can plop your caboose on the couch and... Read More

Tanch's First Ever (And Probably Last Ever) Met Gala Fashion Awards

I don’t know a ton (anything) about the Met Gala. From my ignorant perspective it’s a “look at how many millions of dollars worth of crap someone slapped on this 120 pound dress” party. One theme that’s popping up a lot as I scroll through photos is crowns. So many celebs wearing crowns. Is there a... Read More

Live Stream Coachella In The Comfort Of Your Living Room!

My definition of a sucker? The people who shelled out $25,000 for Coachella VIP passes. I know what you’re thinking. Do they REALLY cost THAT much? Dunno. Gotta be close that that, though. I know your follow up question. Why are they suckers? Allow me to answer your question with one of my own... Read More

Aaliyah's M.A.C Collection Drops This Summer

The 90’s were filled with great sitcoms, toys, movies, music and some of the most repulsive fashion trends in history. Slap bracelets, backwards clothing, and jumpsuits brighter than the sun. Yeah. It was pretty much the worst. There’s one famous face from the 90’s who had it all figured out,... Read More