LISTEN: Remy Ma Drops New Single Featuring Lil' Kim

Listen to the first song of her upcoming album

November 13, 2017
Remy Ma attends "TIDAL X: Brooklyn" at the Barclays Center in the New York City borough of Brooklyn in New York, NY, on October 17, 2017

Anthony Behar/SIPA USA

The first single off of Remy Ma's upcoming second album, Seven Winters, Six Summers, her first since being released from prison, may fuel the fire that is hip hop's hottest feud going.

The beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj dates back nearly a decade, when Remy reportedly heard a Minaj freestyle that may have been a shot at Remy. Nicki hasn't officially confirmed that it was, but several Minaj tracks in recent years appear to be so. For her part, Remy Ma has always said she's supportive of Minaj and her success, but vowed that this beef could be "a problem" for Minaj once Remy got out of prison. That happened back in 2014. 

Remy dropped "Shether," a Minaj diss track, earlier this year and is now poised to release her sophomore album, Seven Winters, Six Summers -- which you know is gonna be full of venom. Take the first single of the album as an example. Remy recruited the iconic Lil' Kim for "Wake Me Up," the album's lead single. One line appears to be a clear message to Minaj goes, "Spray the fif, that crown? I'mma take that shit / Cause you a clown and homie don't play that shit." Take a listen to the whole track below.

It's not known yet exactly when Remy's album will be released, though Wikipedia has it listed as 2018, so it seems unlikely that we'll get it before the new year.