Jailhouse Letter From Tupac Explains Split With Madonna

The rapper worried about how he'd be perceived

July 5, 2017
Late rapper Tupac Shakur and iconic singer Madonna

USA Today

A jailhouse letter that will hit the auction block later this month reveals details of the relationship between the late Tupac Shakur and his one-time love Madonna.

The iconic rapper was apparently concerned about his image, writing that Madonna being seen with a black man wouldn't jeopardize her career but it may have a negative effect on his. Pac apologized to the singer and wrote, "I never meant to hurt you." TMZ reported the newly discovered details earlier today and then tweeted the below video. 

According to TMZ, the note will go to auction on July 19, with a starting bid of $100,000. The last letter from Tupac was sold for more than $170,000.