Google Anything to Learn the History of Hip Hop & Play DJ

Google Marks the 44th Anniversary of Hip Hop

August 11, 2017
Graffiti wall with Hip Hop, urban art

© Harsányi András | Dreamstime

On this day in 1973, a fire was lit that's been burning bright for over four decades. To mark the 44th birthday of hip hop, Google teamed has teamed up with Fab 5 Freddy to share a short video on how hip hop became what it is today. Click the image below and Google will open in a new window. Make sure you watch the video and then play DJ!

The playing DJ part of Google's creation is probably the coolest part. It allows you to grab various records, beats, and samples, scratch, fade, slow down, speed up, pretty much everything a real DJ does. Go ahead and give it a try.  

But before you do, we'll give you some fair warning with these wheels of steel, this little game from Google is highly addictive. In fact, we would have published this at 7:00 am, but we were on the ones and twos. #SorryNotSorry.