Common Achieves an Uncommon Honor

The rapper/actor does what no other rapper has EVER done

September 15, 2017
Common arrives on the red carpet prior to the 6th Annual NFL Honors at Wortham Theater.

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Calling Common common seems like an understatement. While his thought-provoking lyrics have made him a household name in hip hop, the rapper/actor now has a distinction none of his rap peers can claim. After winning an Emmy last weekend, Common became the first rapper to ever win a Grammy, Oscar, and an Emmy!   

Grammy ☑️

Oscar ☑️

Emmy ☑️

Although I'm honored and excited beyond belief for this award, my motivation for doing this song was from the heart like it always is. This award is for all the incarcerated people in the prison system and for justice. In the words of the late great Phife, "I'll never let a statue tell me how nice I am...". We have more work to do and this is only the beginning. So please don't think for 1 second that my passion for justice stops here. Thank You @televisionacad @netflix @ava @karriemriggins1 @robertglasper @bilalmusic #Elena #Roy #Burnis and everyone involved with this project. #ImagineJustice

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Common clinched the Emmy for outstanding original music and lyrics. He won his Oscar in 2015 for "Glory" with John Legend, and a Grammy for his 2002 collaboration with Erykah Badu on "Love of My Life." So now the only award, of the big four, left to win is a Tony. If Common picks up a Tony, he'll be only the 13th entertainer to pull of such a feat.