Hot Blog: Hurricane Matthew & How You Can Help

October 7, 2016

So many members of the Hot Squad (you, our Hot 103.7 listener family) have friends and loved ones in the Southeast where Hurricane Matthew is ravaging coastal areas.   The storm of the decade is what they are calling it and there's no doubt its scary for anyone who's in or close to it's path.  Over a million people are without power and it's only going to get worse.

The president has mobilized FEMA and all government agencies to act quickly to help aid in the recovery efforts.


The Weather Channel has a good way to track the storm's progress and you can do that here.  CNN also has very visual representation of the storm too, here.


We know our Hot Squad listeners love to help how ever they can.  People in the southeast not only need our thoughts, prayers and good wishes, they need real help.  If you think you'd like to donate, here's a list of organizations going to work in the storm zone, from the Center for International Disaster Information. 

Or, you can support the American Red Cross, which always is active in recovery efforts like this.  Whatever you do, it will make a difference.