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Jay Z For POTUS?

November 7, 2016

The country is goin’ Gwen Stefani bananas over this election.  I know… Duh, right?  There seems to be more undecided voters than ever, which means those who still want to exercise their right to vote are getting creative with “write in” candidates.  You can expect pretty much everyone from Tom Hanks to random 3rd graders from Spokane to receive a nomination this year.  With that said, here are some HOT artists who should (and could) receive votes.

USA Today

Jay Z

Do I really need to explain myself with this pick?  Aside from the obvious, Beyonce is the only woman on the planet who could de-throne Michelle Obama as the hippest First Lady of all time.

USA Today

Justin Timberlake

JT is the most likeable person on the planet.  FACT!  I think it’s fair to assume World Peace would be a real possibility with Justin in the oval office. 

USA Today

50 Cent

My wild card pick is none other than Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent.  This man has survived being shot nine times (one to the face, by the way) and more rap beefs than any other dude or chick in the game.  Talk about a leader with, literally AND figuratively, thick skin… Something that I think we all can agree at least one of this year’s nominees doesn’t have.

Which HOT artist do you think would make for a great POTUS?  Comment!