WATCH: Morris Day Remembers Friend & Collaborator Prince

By: Kyle McCann

April 24, 2017
Morris Day of The Time and Prince

© PictureGroup / USA Today

It's no secret that as famous as Prince was, the list of people who really knew him as a person was miniscule. There is, however, one person who probably knew the legend better than most -- longtime friend and collaborator Morris Day

Famous in his own right for being the lead singer of The Time, Day and Prince shared a unique bond having grown up together, becoming famous together, and having some very public disagreements together. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Day was asked about the relationship that was often described as tense but close. The "Jerk Out" singer and producer said:

I wasn't in the habit of biting my tongue around him. And he ended up with a bunch of yes people around him. And I think eventually, that drove the divider between us.

Hear more from Morris Day as he reflects on Prince, how they met, and his new tribute ballad titled "Over That Rainbow" in this interview.