T-Pain's Gives A Yearbook Quote To A Washington High School Student

June 12, 2017

USA Today

If you ask you shall receive.  At lease when it comes to T-Pain.

Let's rewind to December.  A 17 year old high school student in Covington, Washington named Gabriel Silvan reached out to T-Pain on Twitter to ask him for a senior quote.  And shockingly he responded,  “People don't think it be like it be, but it do" is what T-Pain had to say.  Well Gabriel submitted the quote and it was accepted.  

The yearbook is finally out and Gabriel decided to share it on Twitter.  And guess what?  T-Pain saw it and was psyched!  He tweeted, "Man . . . this is the kind of [crap> I live for.  You did it, bro.  Killed it.  Good job, man."

Who would've thought.