R. Kelly Sued By Local Sheriff

Sheriff claims the singer had an affair with his wife

April 28, 2017
R. Kelly

© Ron Elkman

A Mississippi Deputy Sheriff by the name of Kenny Bryant filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly, claiming the R&B singer had an affair with his wife. Bryant claims he suffered "emotional, psychological, and financial loss" due to his wife's affair with the R&B legend.

The man also stated in the legal papers that his wife, Asia Childress, admitted to having a relationship with R. Kelly before their wedding in July 2012. She assured her husband the booty call was over. However, after she attended his concert in October of 2012 she rekindled her sexual relations with the singer!

The lawsuit, filed on April 21, claims that Asia allegedly convinced her husband to move to Atlanta because she wanted to further her teaching career. Kenny Bryant claims the decision to move led to him having to quit his "good job" and that he was left in financial ruins after not being able to “find profitable work,” as well as his wife's desire to live a lavish lifestyle that was beyond their means. 

The couple apparently tried to work on their troubled marriage, but Mr. Bryant revealed he could “not prevail against R. Kelly’s continued sexual overtures to Asia Childress.”

In the lawsuit, Bryant also claims that R. Kelly gave his wife the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia. He stated his wife Asia contracted Chlamydia sometime during a six-month period between October 2012 and February 2013. He also claims he and Childress did not have sex during that time so it has to be R. Kelly.

Asia Childress is reportedly a public school teacher. She deleted her Facebook page immediately after news of the lawsuit made headlines.

R. Kelly has yet to acknowledge or comment on these allegations. What is confusing is why he just now decided to file a lawsuit?!?!?!