Our 7 Favorite Rapping and Singing Siblings

By: Kyle McCann

April 10, 2017

USA Today

Okay everyone, grab your sisters and brothers because April 10th is National Sibling Day! While some of us are taking the time to celebrate our best friend/biggest pain in our butt, we're also taking a look at the most musical set of siblings we can think of. So, in no particular order, here our 7 favorite rapping and/or singing siblings:


Janet Jackson / The Jackson 5

The Jackson are probably music's most commercially successful family. I mean, the Jackson 5 had dozens of hits well before Michael's solo career. Then, of course, there was Janet, who also built a pretty impressive career for herself too.  



The Isley Brothers

You could make an argument that only one group of siblings had nearly as much success together as the Jackson 5 -- and it's The Isley Brothers. The brothers are often cited as having one of the longest, most influential, and most diverse careers in music history.




Earth, Wind & Fire

While Verdine White might be known as EFW's most popular member, none of us may have ever gotten the chance to know him if it wasn't for his late brother, Maurice White, who founded the band in 1970. BTW, another brother, Fred, was also a member of the iconic, funky R&B group.   




Dr. Dre / Warren G

Stepbrothers Dr. Dre and Warren G could be hip hop's most successful set of siblings. However, while Warren G certainly has had his success, it doesn't really compare to the empire created when Dr. Dre parlayed his music career into a billion dollar headphone business. Sorry, G Funk.



Ray J / Brandy

We got to meet Brandy first. Then, a couple years later, we met her little brother, Ray J. Turns out, both of 'em are pretty talented kids. The two together have sold tens of millions of albums, and still act like, well, brother and sister. Check them out on their various reality TV appearances.


Master P / Silkk the Shocker / C-Murder 

There was a point in the 1990s when Master P's No Limit Records was just churning out new stars who were dropping new hits left and right. The success eventually faded, but not before the Miller brothers had made their mark in the pages of rap's history books.




Beyonce / Solange

Could a more musically talented set of sisters exist? We doubt it. While it's probably tough to be the Queen's little sister, just remember that Beyonce isn't the only Knowles sister with a Grammy Award. Watch the sisters break out the dance routine you know they choreographed when they were kids.