JAY-Z'S Cryptic Message About A New Album

June 6, 2017

USA Today

The internet went crazy over a mysterious electronic billboard in Times Square this week.  The board read:  4:44.  Fans are speculating that this might be a new album annoucement from JAY-Z.  According to Variety,  the number 4 has many meanings for JAY and Bey.  "Jay-Z and Beyonce have both attached significance to the number “4,” sporting matching “IV” tattoos on their wedding, while Jay Z’s birthday is December 4 and Beyonce’s is September 4.  Their daughter’s name Blue Ivy (IV, the Roman numeral for 4).  He’s also released songs called “22 Twos” and “44 Fours.” Others speculate it’s the long-awaited Blueprint 4 or the :44 could mean the eagerly anticipated Jigga-Bey collab.  Or could it be a reference to the birth of the couple’s twins?  One wag predicts a simultaneous album release and birth date."