Did Beyonce Just Reveal The Sex Of Her Twins?

March 14, 2017

USA Today

Everyone is curious to know if Beyonce is having boys or girls or both.  Oh so you didn't hear?  Beyonce is pregnant with twins.  Lol.  Well yesterday she posted up a new picture on her website.  She's wearing a short tight black dress, big hoop earrings, and thigh high boots.  Ok so what's the big deal?  The Beyhive is speculating that this is a hint.  A hint?  Did we miss something here.  Nope.  Apparently the hoops are the same hoops she wore she wore in her video for "If I Was A Boy".  So the Beyhive believes that's a hint.  Really?? Come on.

Ok, #MrsCarter with the pregnancy slay -- #Beyonce via: @unitedhive

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