Car Belonging To Reality Star Turns Up Torched With Two Bodies Inside

March 20, 2017

Arindam Banerjee |

A car that belonged to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reality star Kim DePaola a.k.a 'Kim D' was found torched in Paterson, New Jersey on Friday.  Oh wait that's not all.  Inside the Audi was two DEAD bodies.  And if that wasn't enough both bodies were torched AFTER they were shot in the head.  Sounds crazy right?

The car was tracked back to Kim D, but she's not the one who usually drives it.  Kim's son Chris uses the car frequently.  He was out of town and actually let a friend borrow the car to drop him off at the airport on Wednesday.  The friend was suppsed to drop the car off back at Chris' house but from the look of things that didn't happen.  What about Chris' friend?  He may be one of the victims.  Apparently no one can get in touch with him.  

Are we sure this is RHONJ and not MobWives??  Sounds like a scene out of 'The Godfather' right?!!

(Car pictured above is NOT the actual car)