Beyonce Re-Releasing Lemonade

May 3, 2017

USA Today

If you didn’t get enough Lemonade well guess what?  There are seconds so help yourself for a small price. 

Beyoncé has announced that she will be re-releasing Lemonade.  But it will cost you more than the usual $15.99.  What about $300 to be exact.  Well you're not just getting an album.  You are actually geting a new made to order collector's edition box set titled, How To Make Lemonade Box Set.  It will feature the entire album on vinyl.  And nope the vinyl will not be black.  It will be yellow.  For the lemonade of course.  You'll also get a 600 page coffee table style book with hundreds of never before seen pictures.  Ok ready to hit buy?

You'll have to wait to receive it in the summer.  It's up for pre-oreder now.