Amy Schumer Buys Mattress For Store Employee

April 21, 2017

USA Today

Have you ever been on a run or been out and about and had to desperately use the bathroom? It happens to celebrities too! No they don't carry a portable toilet with them.

Amy Schumer was out for a run when she had to use the bathroom.  She decided to stop into a mattress store in Chicago but not just any mattress store.  She stopped into a Mattress Firm.  She must’ve heard me rave about Tim, you know my mattress from Mattress Firm.  Anyhow she asked one of the employees if she could use their restroom.  She did and get this she didn't even know it was Amy Schumer.  Amy was so thankful that on her way out she asked her which mattress was her favorit.  She pointed one out and Amy bought it for her.  It cost $2,000.  Totally worth it!