Amber Rose Makes A Statement

June 12, 2017

USA Today

Amber Rose made quite the statement Saturday morning.  She really left nothing to the imagination when she posted a picture up on social media posing on a staircase wearing just a fur coat and a bikini top.  Yup just a fur coat.  No bottoms.  Oh wait she had sunglasses too.  The picture was quickly taken down my the Instagram police but not before screenshots were taken.

The photo was supposed to promote an upcoming event she was having but yeah all that people could remember was...

Was this for the feminist movement or for attention? You'll hear our thoughts on Amber Rose's "sexy crotch" shot on Episode 6 airing this Wednesday @ noon! In the mean time, let's talk, tell us what YOU think below! #HER #HERPodcast #HERwithaperiod #AmberRose #SlutWalk

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