50 Cent Takes Shot at Ja Rule on Instagram

By: Kyle McCann

May 2, 2017
Rapper 50 Cent

© Jennifer Stewart

Perhaps you've heard about that ill-fated concert-vacation-event in the Bahamas called the Fyre Festival? Well, rapper 50 Cent certainly has.

The event was a somewhat confusingly and haphazardly put together luxury music festival -- or so it was billed -- promoted by social media stars and models. What it turned out to be was a mess. Guests who paid over $1,000 to be a part of it were supposed to have been part of a five-star experience featuring the finest accommodations and meals from celebrity chefs. What they got was individually packaged cheese slices between two pieces of bread and a few disaster relief tents.

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One of the financial backers of this festival-gone-bad was rapper Ja Rule. And as more and more information comes out about the failed fest, people are now taking notice of what went wrong... people including 50 Cent.