Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

GRAMMY Awards: 3 Unforgettable Moments

Do you remember #2?

February 12, 2017

Music’s biggest night is always packed with a surprise or two, and we’re sure this Sunday’s 59th Annual Grammy Awards won’t be any different. But as we wait to be wowed, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at 3 of our favorite Grammy moments.

It’d be in Good Taste to Not Try to Quiet Kanye - 2008
While Kanye has always marched, and rapped, to the beat of his own drum, Grammy producers in 2008 probably should have thought better than to think a little music was going to get Kanye to stop talking. In fairness, Yeezy had lost his mother months before accepting the Best Rap Album award for Graduation and probably didn’t deserve to be silenced while attempting to thank her.

Unlikely Collaboration Leads to Eternal Friendship - 2001
Eminem is certainly no stranger to criticism, having been blasted over his lyrics since the first time we saw that skinny, bleach blonde white guy who could out rap just about anyone. But Marshall Mathers found an unlikely ally in 2001 when he performed his smash hit “Stan” with Elton John. The two have apparently kept up a friendship over last 15-plus years as well.

Let’s Shock the People - 1996
Tragically, the world lost Tupac Shakur far sooner than it should have. He was a cultural hero in 1996. The brightest light in any room, it was hard to outshine 2Pac – no matter how high your platforms were, how much face paint you had on, or how hard you rocked. Check out 2Pac and KISS sharing the stage at the 1996 Grammy Awards, just months before he was murdered.

The 2017 GRAMMY Awards will be broadcast live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles tonight on CBS.