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Goodbye Old Spaghetti Factory Seattle!

December 21, 2016

If you grew up in the Seattle area, there's a good chance your parents brought you to The Old Spaghetti Factory just off the waterfront in downtown Seattle for some special occasion; a birthday, anniversary, or may just some out of town guests who you were showing the sights to.  Well, keep that memory close. The Old Spaghetti Factory is closing on Friday, 12/23 after 46 years in operation.

As a kid, you always wanted to sit in the trolley car.  There's one in every restaurant.

Our signature trolley car being set in place at our new Sherwood, OR location that opens April 18th. We can't wait! 43rd OSF! #oldspaghettifactory #sherwood

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And who could forget that little bowl of ice cream after you'd eaten all the pasta and fresh, hot bread.  Did anyone actually like spumoni?????

Spumoni...the colors of the holiday season! We have been serving this delicious blend of cherry, chocolate & pistachio since the beginning. The Blue Bunny ice cream company produces our special recipe. It's the perfect ending to the complete meal. Photo by @bdao #spumoni #yum #tradition

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The good news is, the company is not going out of business.  They've got many locations including at least 3 others in the Puget Sound area, including Tacoma, Southcenter and Lynnwood, so if you need an Old Spaghetti Factory fix, it's not that long a drive!