Snow + Ice + hills + speed = banged up kid!

Let it Snow

February 6, 2019

I loved growing up with Snow in Seattle (LakeCity)...Mom would make Hot Choclate, My brothers and I would slide down the steppest hills and we would pray for NO School all week. Well, now that I'm a parent and the roles are flipped I can't wait for these kids to go back to school: Everyday my wife and I get a call in the evening that says school will be delayed by 2hrs only to get another call at 5am the next morning saying..."NO SCHOOL TODAY!" I get the whole safety first and the roads are still slick but with 1 hour notice trying to find childcare it always sends my wife and I into a panic ZONE!

BIG SHOUT OUT to my son who wiped out on his sled yesterday and got a fat lip, bruised forhead and scraped-up-nose. Way to go BIG son! 

How have you been dealing with this week as a parent?

Eric Powers to the SNOW!