What Mom Really Wants This Weekend!

May 10, 2019

Happy Mothers Day Weekend. I'm proud to say I have 2 great Mothers in my life.. My Mom (in the Pic with my daughter) and my wife (mother of 2). I had a long conversation with my wife (with kids a long conversation is about :30 seconds) and I asked what would she like for Mother's Day...she said and I quote " A Day off "...I took that as she wanted some time away from us so I'm taking the kids out of the house for 15 hours...if I survive this I will be back on the air Monday.


Here's what Mom's really want for Mother's Day:

1. Time off to do whatever they want and not have to worry about kids.

2. Create a picture-wall of the family on vacation, sports,school, dinners...Mom will LOVE THIS.

3. A great social post showing and saying how much she means to you and why.

4. Make her breakfast and have the kids deliver it.

5.Write in a homeade card made by the kids and write down all the things you cherish about your relationship and what she means to you.

Good luck and Thanks MOM!