Are you ready for the next SNOW STORM this weekend?

February 7, 2019

Attention Parents!!! YOU may need to prepare for what's to come this weekend (2nd round of SNOW BLAST 2019) that could lead into Monday which could lead to more NO School/Snow days. The weather peeps are saying the new snow fall will start tomorrow and lead intop the weekend. My kids were off 3 full days and we were not prepared with the correct boots, snow gear and someone to spend the entire day taking care of our kids every need..... I always say getting your kids ready to go outsidide in the snow is about as hard as trying to get Snoop Dogg on Stage at a conncert.

This weekend they are calling for the biggest snow fall in DECADES...8-12inches. The new snow is predicted to start Friday Night and continue through the weekend.

How we're preparing:

- Buy a weeks worth of food (did this last night).

- Get Snow Gear for the entire family.

- Create a winter home emergency kit.

- Stock up on batteries.

- Get a good shovel and maybe some salt.

- Stock up on blankets. 

- Fill your gas tank.

- Charge Phones, electronics,etc.

- Make sure pets stay inside.

- Stock up on non-perishable food.

Really think ahead for anything you need and help out with older folks and pets.

Good luck!