Here's What I'd Do If I won $1000 on HOT......

May 22, 2019

If I won (I can't BUT YOU CAN) On Hot 103.7 on the top of the hour (see contest rules) I'd hook myself up with....


1. New Shades ..$40

2.New Grill, mine is a lil stanky and has not been cleaned in a few years (stuff is growing in my grill) ..$235

3. Some new Shorts, mine are getting to tight...$60

4. I want theose outside rope lightbulbs for the nighttime... $75

5. Pay a babysitter so my wife and I can go out for a night + dinner + wine + more wine ....$200

6. Gotta make a car payment $298

7. Get some fish, burgers and chicken....Grill Time Baby! $Whatever's left.