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What are you going to be for Halloween?

I need some help for Halloween...My kids have already picked out their costumes (in fact I already purchased them) but I need to figure out what I'm going to be. What about ..."The Joker" or "Baby Shark"? Top 5 Adult Costumes for 2019 so far.... #5 Willy Wonka #4 Bill & Ted #3 Baby Shark #2... Read More

Zero Commercials to kick off your weekend

I'm happy to say this Friday we'll have sunshine and a high of 65 (October in Seattle??)! It gets even're going to get 100% Throwbacks - 100% Commercial Free All ...Day.... Long. No radio station in Seattle or Tacoma hook you up like that! Get into the weekend vibe early with... Read More

Kick off your weekend early tomorrow

I look for anyway to kick off my weekend early.... 1. Sleep it a little later on Friday 2. Treat myself to a longer lunch 3. Always talk (to myself) about what I'm doing this weekend 4. Wear my Blue and Green Gear 5. Spend time spelling the roses 6. Listen to commercial Free Friday on HOT 103.7..... Read More

Back II School

What is said is true, they grow up FAST! My daughter is now as tall as my wife and she is off to middle school ...our biggest conversation these days (daughter voice).."When am I getting my cell phone..MOM?" We know when she gets a cell we will never see her again. How long did you wait? What... Read More

12's are getting fired up...

Last night got me fired up for the Seaso - we looked hungry and you felt the fire. Love to watch pre-season as you see some hungry players battle for those key positions as the coaches knock down from 100 to 53 players. It was also cool to see Russ rock the headset and make some play-calls from the... Read More

Need something to do this Labor day Wknd?

Here's what I'm doing for Labor Day Weekend: - Lil Wayne, he's got a new Album ready to drop so we might get a sneak listen. I hope he does not play the guitar - I'm cool if he raps and boards ... this Saturday at White River in Auburn. - The Washington State Fair Opens this weekend...I will end up... Read More

Missy Elliott Will Receive the Video Vanguard Award Tonight

Missy Elliott TIME! It’s been over two decades since Missy Dropped "Supa Dupa Fly"...she has forever changed the face of music and videos. The 2019 MTV Video Music Awards will honor Elliott with the coveted Video Vanguard Award TONIGHT! Way to go Missy, I'll never forget the time we went out in... Read More

Thanks for the HOT Cookie

How cool is this - a listener was so excited about our new Commercial Free Friday she made us a customized HOT COOKIE! I'm hungry and there won't be enough to share, sorry ....#Not sorry. Read More

Commercial Free on your Friday Commute

The weekend starts early tomorrow as youir offical Old School Station drops 100% Throwbacks...100% COMMERCIAL FREE (sorry for yelling).That means no matter how long your commute (I'm sure it's LOOONG!) you will Only hear Throwbacks Jams ALL Day...that's almost 300 songs in a row with Zero... Read More

You're going to like this...

I want to thank you for listening and supporting our station HOT 103.7. As you may know I've been doing radio (in my hometown) for almost 30 years and loved (almost) every minute of it. I wanted to announce something very special that we're launching.... HOT 103.7 will be giving YOU a Commercial... Read More