Robert Hanashiro, USA Today

Did Adele Break Her GRAMMY Trophy for Beyonce?

Wait... this is just like Mean Girls!

February 13, 2017

The 59th GRAMMY Awards were Adele's night. The pop superstar shined in several of the show's major categories, but it's what she did at the end of the show that has us talking today.

Adele's album 25 won the final award of the night to take home the title of Album of the Year. Many expected Beyoncé to take home the title, and apparently, even Adele was surprised she won. “The Lemonade album is monumental, so monumental, so well-thought-out, so beautiful and soul-baring,” Adele said during her acceptance speech.

But it was what happened towards the end of the speech that has all of us wondering if Adele was pulling a Mean Girls moment or not. The top of the (gramophone) trophy broke off while she was on stage. In fact, Adele even laughed as she held up the two pieces of the trophy on stage.

But it left some wondering: did Adele break off a piece of the GRAMMY to share with Queen Bey?

This reminded us of a plot from the movie Mean Girls. You know the scene where Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan's character) broke her plastic tiara into pieces to after she was crowned queen at the Spring Fling.

Naturally, we do see similarities between Regina George and Queen Bey. Both are royalty, right? For what it's worth, however, reps for both Adele and Beyoncé would not return calls for comment. So this may just live in GRAMMY folklore for years to come. 

BONUS VIDEO: Adele opened the show by singing "Hello" on Sunday night.