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Oct. 4th Is National Taco Day; See Deals And Freebies

October 4th marks National Taco Day! Like we need a reason to celebrate, but who cares, we all love deals and freebies! Check out which restaurants are hooking it up today! Chronic Tacos : Follow them on social media for a code word you'll need to mention to get one free taco for lunch. The code... Read More
Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Arrested Domestic Abuse On Husband

TMZ broke the news that actress Stacey Dash was arrested for domestic battery against her husband. She called 911 Sunday evening saying her husband put her in a choke hold. When cops arrived she was the one that ended up in handcuffs and in the back of the cop car because there were scratch marks... Read More
Central Perk

Central Perk Will Be There For You Through The Holidays!

Sunday on the Hill it was Friends-damonium! The Lounge by AT&T has transformed into Central Perk , the fictional coffee shop from the hits 90's TV show Friends . I’ll Be There For You #TheRembrandts #InternationalCoffeeDay #Friends #IllBeThereForYou A post shared by Jeffrey Hawes (@heehawes) on... Read More

Dana Manciagli, A 3x Survivor And Living With Stage 4

Dana Manciagli, a wife, a mother and a sister, was diagnosed with breast cancer right after her 40th Birthday. Since, she has beat it three times and now is living with stage 4. Walking into our studios Wednesday morning I would have never guessed her condition. Dana is full of life and has the... Read More

Diddy Bringing Back MTV Reality Show 'Making The Band' [Video]

Aspiring artists here is another reality competition show you might want to be apart of. Diddy announced that he will be bringing back his MTV reality show "Making The Band." This show spawned groups like O-Town, Day 26 and Danity Kane. Diddy made the announcement on his IG and said there will be a... Read More

It's 7/11, Which Means Free Slurpees From 7-Eleven!

7-Eleven is celebrating their Birthday once again with their annual FREE small slurpee giveaway! Stop in at your nearest 7-Eleven between 11am and 7pm local time today (July 11) to get your free small slurpee! No purchase necessary or coupon needed, but prepare for a long line! Check out more deals... Read More

Mariah Carey Reveals Her Sex Number!

Mariah Carey has always described herself as a bit of a "prude" so her sex number may or may not surprise you. In the August issue of Cosmopolitan magazine that hit online Tuesday she reveled that she can count on her hand how many sex partners she has had in her lifetime. She stated, "I haven't... Read More

NSFW Violent Brawl At Disneyland Breaks Out In Toontown [Video]

A very violent fight broke out in Toontown at the Disneyland resort in Anaheim over the weekend. Of course it was caught on video and has since went viral. CAUTION! VIDEO CONTAINS VIOLENT MATERIAL AND LANGUAGE! Video of Disneyland fight In Toontown (July 7, 2019) It is unclear what the fight all... Read More