Your Ashes Can Turn Into A Vinyl Record

February 19, 2019

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As morbid as this sounds, I would love for my ashes to live on a vinyl record!

A company called “And Vinyly” will turn your ashes into a real vinyl record after you die.

To make this happen, the ashes are pressed into the groves of the vinyl record as it’s being created. The process still allows the ashes to be raised in the groves so every once in a while you can hear a little crackle when the needle hits the ashes. 

After the record is created, you can chose if the record is a greatest hits, specific tracks, audio of the deceased person’s voice, or just silence so that you can hear your loved ones crackle.

The minimum cost to have your ashes made into a record is $1600 but can get as high as $4600.