Tupac Argument Turns Violent

March 4, 2019

© Darryl Webb/Special for The Republic

Although this seems like a very childish argument, these debates about rappers get very heated! I know from experience! Seriously! My sister called the cops on myself and my brother-in-law (her husband) for arguing over if Jay Z was the greatest or not. We didn't get physical or anything, but it was a very loud and heated debate and my sister was trying to sleep! LOL 

As for these guys, it got physical! 

An argument about Tupac lead to a Florida man being arrested and another man being sent to the hospital.

Police received several calls about the men who were fighting on a street corner. When they arrived, the attacker told them the victim tried to punch him during an argument about Tupac.

The victim suffered a broken nose and was taken to a hospital. The attacker was charged with felony battery.

Police didn’t reveal exactly why the two were arguing about the late rapper.