Rules To Giving Your Boss A Gift

November 28, 2018

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Tis the season of giving, but is it actually okay to get your boss something?

According to Balance Careers, it is actually okay to do so, as long you you follow these guidelines. 

First things first, always consider a group gift! The group gift is always the best and safest way to go. It's easy and cheaper if you are on a budget. That is, as long as you participate. If you don't chip in, well I'm sure people see your stance on your boss.

Be very discreet about your gift if your are giving a personal gift. You don't want to make it a big deal in the workplace because it may stir up some not so friendly gossip in the workplace.

Never give anything too over the top or too personal. Just keep it simple. Unless you guys are doing the group gift, which in that case you guys can really give your boss something a little more expensive.

Lastly, never give money! Cash can just be taken the wrong way all together and then comes the question of what is a fare amount? Try to steer clear from cash. Although gift cards are okay. Especially if it is to a place of their liking, such as a restaurant.