Most Popular Halloween Costumes Of 2018 [Pics]

October 15, 2018

Dmitry Molchanov |

So I'm a HUGE Halloween fan! I go all out every year where as Sir Mix-A-Lot isn't too big on the festivities. Although we did come up with a list that we think will be the most popular costumes this year for Halloween! 

1. Pregnant Cardi B

Big Momma

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2. Tonya Harding

I remember it like it was yesterday, looking for that feeling again. I hope I can bring this to @dancingabc this was 27years go.

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3. Fortnite characters

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4. Anything Black Panther related

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5. Any type of superhero


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6. Royal Princess


This morning, Meghan's father released another interview. All these useless gossip will surely be making Meghan and Harry suffer a lot ... so much love for them------#princeharry #dukeofsussex #meghanmarkle #duchessofsussex #love #truelove

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