Lime Now Offers Car Sharing

November 15, 2018

ID 58963914 © Stanko07 |

LimePods are the latest extension to the ride sharing service. 

The compnay announced that they will now offer Lime cars in Seattle called, "LimePod."

There goal is to have 1500 cars in the city by 2019, but 50 cars are expected to already be on the streets in Seattle this week. 

Very similar to the scooters and bikes, you pay $1 to unlock the car and then 40 cents per mintue after that to drive the car around. This car shearing service also allows free paking at metered spots, which is a plus fo rthis city! 

LimePods are the first of it's kind, Car2Go and ReachNow are two similar car sharing services already in Seattle.

Lookout for four seated, Lime branded Fiats (2018 Fiat 500) around town if you are insteretd in taking this car sharing service.