Grease Is Getting A Prequel Called "Summer Loving"

April 10, 2019

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff

So they are doing a prequel for the classic 1978 hit Grease called "Summer Loving" where they explain how Danny And Sandy met. I'm a little confused about this all because if you have ever seen the movie, we all know how they met. It is literally the opening scene of the movie and they even sang about it in "Summer Nights!"


Who will they cast to play a young Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee? Because let's face it, no one is more Danny and Sandy than John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John! I mean, did they not see Grease 2? We all know how that turned out, no offense Michelle Pfeiffer (You're amazing)!

Honestly, I'd rather see a prequel about Rizzo and Danny's little fling prior to Sandy coming in the picture, starring Stockard Channing and John Travolta! Now that would be a thing to see! Like seeing them all old, reminiscing at their high school reunion and then a flashback into Rizzo and Danny being a couple! Am I right?

Unfortunately just like everything else in Hollywood these days, no new ideas to make great content so instead just take old great content and ruin it.

Paramount Pictures announced that the prequel will follow Danny and Sandy’s love story during the summer before they reconnected at Rydell High. 

The movie will be called "Summer Loving" and will be a musical just like the original. No word yet on a release date.