Bush And Michelle Obama Shared A Candy At John McCain's Service

September 4, 2018

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

This past weekend, Senator John McCain was laid to rest. There were some very moving speeches from former President’s Barack Obama and George W. Bush. John McCain's daughter Meghan McCain, had a very emotional speech as well and took some jabs at Trump, who was not invited to the services.

I must say I've missed hearing complete sentences! Joe Biden, George W. Bush and Barack Obama all spoke with such poise and dignity, it was nice to hear that again.

A highlight of this past weekend's memorial service was when the camera cut to Bush as he was handing what it appeared to be a candy to Michelle Obama as she quietly mouthed 'Thank you.'

The video later went viral with tones of warm comments about this sweet exchange between the two. 

Later to find out, it was only a cough drop. Sharing is caring!