Facial Recognition In Schools Is Causing Privacy Questions

October 1, 2018

© Pixinoo | Dreamstime.com

One Seattle school is already testing out the facial recognition technology with students, staff and parents. 

This facial recognition technology is to help improve school security to schools from grades K-12.

The school also gave parents the option of adding their face to the database. As of right now 300 parents agreed to do so. When a parent's face is recognized by the system, the door opens, reducing the need for someone inside the school to answer a buzzer. Sure it's convenient and might make the students and staff feel safer, but now privacy concerns for the children are at question. 

Adam Schwartz, a lawyer with digital privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation agreed that school security is an important issue but he said the benefits of facial recognition in this case are largely unknown, and the damage to privacy could be "exceedingly high" for children.

Parents what do you think?