Docs Say You Should ALWAYS Shower At Night!

June 3, 2019


I personally prefer a shower in the morning because it wakes me up and I hate going to bed with wet hair!

According to a New York dermatologist, washing your body and face at night is important for your skin health – especially during the spring and summer months.

The doc says, "If you're out all day and sweaty or working out you should definitely shower before going to bed. In the spring, you might be covered in allergens like pollen if you've been outside, so you would want to get that off your skin before going to sleep." Well that is a no brainer! Don't go to bed all smelly after a nice hard workout. 

Research from Harvard University has also shown that showering at night can help you sleep. A nice hot shower before bedtime is very relaxing. But be sure to shower at least 90 minutes before bedtime if you typically have trouble sleeping. Another doctor explains "The body naturally cools down as bedtime approaches, in sync with the circadian rhythm. Showering artificially raises the temperature again and allows for a faster cool down, which seems to hasten sleep."

So what do you prefer, a night shower or a morning shower?