December 11th, The Most Popular Day To Break Up With Someone

December 11, 2019
Break up



So in case you aren't feeling your relationship at the moment and you think it might be time to cut ties, here is some Wednesday motivation. Today, December 11th is apparently the most popular day of the year for people to break up.

Statisticians studied Facebook posts from 2018 and found that December 11th is the day when people will most likely end a relationship before the holidays.

Relationship expert Simone Milasas says, "Being so close to Christmas people don’t want to spend the holidays with someone they are uncertain about. Really, are you going to have a good time during the holidays if you are in a relationship that isn’t working for you?  Relationship shouldn’t be a necessity -- it should be a choice. You  know the energy of when someone doesn’t want to be around  you.''