Cat Calling Could Become Illegal

September 6, 2018

Viorel Sima |

Walking up my very large hill carrying groceries yesterday to get to my very small studio in Downtown Seattle, a group of guys in a car were whistling at me. Mind you, it's 80 degrees outside so I'm all sweaty, I'm rokcin' my "work-out" clothes with my hair up and no make-up. Looking like a real struggle bus! All I could think to myself was, "you see me huffin' and puffin', stop that damn whistling and get out of that damn car and HELP ME!"

Like why is cat calling still a thing? Especially now-a-days with all these women empowerment movements. Guys still think it's okay to holla at you by making some awkward noise? I don't get it! 

I don't even know if most men even realize how inappropriate they are being. This can go for both sides though, I have also seen women gawk at men, not as much as men do it but I've seen it. This is becoming something that is more looked at now by a society as harassment to the point where it could become illegal.

"Cat-calling" could soon become a hate crime in Britain! True story! They are calling it verbal abuse and it might be as punishable as religious hate crimes.

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