Brewery Debuts Candy Corn Ale

October 12, 2018

Rdsnapshots |

A brewery in Wisconsin has debuted a candy corn-flavored beer for the fall!

They were curious what the classic Halloween candy would taste like as a beer.

When you want to make a seasonal beer but think outside the box... Candy Corn Cream Ale is born!!! This beer was brewed to smell and taste like candy corn with notes of vanilla and cream. Not overly sweet and very well balanced, this beer will take you back to your childhood and also remind you...hey I’m really drinking a beer!! #candycorn #fall #fallbeer #seasonalbeer #westallion #westallionbrewing #westallionbrewingcompany #westallis #stallis #creamale #adultrickortreat #adulttreat

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They didn't just throw the candy corn in the beer, they actually made their own candy corn, and then created the beer.

The brew will be available until it taps out.

See how they made it HERE.