Tupac Groupie Forced To Leave Job [Pics]

July 18, 2019

Scott Gries / Staff

A man by the name of Jerry Foxhoven was the director of Iowa's Social Services Agency.

He was recently forced to resign because he was sending Tupac quotes to employees.

Foxhoven would include inspirational messages and song lyrics from the rapper in his emails and he would even host 'Tupac Fridays' in his office where he would play Tupac's music and hand out Tupac-themed cookies. This sounds like a stand up guy to me!

Foxhoven was reportedly let go after ONE employee complained after he sent out an email on June 14th. There is always one!

Foxhoven stated, "I think it’' a coincidence because Reynolds [the govenor> had requested a meeting with him days before his June 14th email.

He added, "I always try to assume the best of everybody, and I can't imagine that [the governor> would base her decision on the Tupac incident. If this is the reason, I'm really disappointed."

We are too Jerry! Keep spread that Tupac positivity in the world!

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