Mummy opened after 2500 years [Video]

October 6, 2020



It's 2020 of course they discovered a mummy and opened it! What could possibly go wrong?

Thanks to Hollywood, when we here about a mummy being opened bad stuff happens and a angry mummy usually has something to do with it. 

Saturday, October 3, 2020 an Egyptian coffin had been opened by archeologists for the first time in 2500 years. Not only is it 2020 (the year of everything bad) but it is also the month of October where everyone indulges in everything scary. Which means people started to freak out.

According to CNET, Saturday Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities hosted a mixed gathering to celebrate the finding of 59 preserved wooden coffins in a tomb in Saqarra, a necropolis near the city of Memphis.

Thank goodness nothing crazy happened (yet or that we know of) but of course leave it to the internet to crack jokes about the only person that would be able to save us if something did happen.