I-90 Westbound Closure

July 16, 2014

The closure of I-90 westbound between Bellevue and Mercer Island means only 1 lane westbound for a full week. Emotions will run high and traffic frustration will make you boiling with anger! HOT 103.7 has tracked down a number of links that have all the info you need about the project, including FAQs, traffic maps and more.

And of course, we’ll update you on air too, when there’s anything even more out of the ordinary regarding this major traffic headache coming up Friday the 18th at 9:30 to 5am Friday the 25th.

Here’s the DOT’s FAQ page about the project.

Here is the DOT’s I-90 Survival Guide blog.

Here are some animated maps from the DOT showing how the lane closures will work

Here’s the Puget Sound Traffic Map and Camera page from the DOT.  You’ll see accidents, incidents and problems listed there.